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I am a visual artist who loves to make illustrations.

I was born, raised, and schooled in Belgrade, the very lively capital of Serbia. There I had the opportunity to study arts and to teach it to kids and young adults.

All of my works are inspired and shaped by valuable memories that have caught onto me. Such as the comforting childhood memories of having loving and supportive people around me, reminiscences of finding an unexpected silver lining in challenging times, or of the tingly-scary feeling that comes with doing something new for the first time, believing that at least the lesson will be worth it.

Except for drawing, my favorite ways to spend time are cooking, hiking, camping, and any kind of arts&crafts project that comes to my mind. Small pleasures that make my life better are blue skies, music that suits the mood, walnuts, and well-timed ice cream therapies.

I am currently based in the Czech Republic, where I`m actively learning how to enjoy the colder weather.